12 Marketing Trends that Will Make an Impact in 2016

12 Marketing Trends 2016

If Hartford SEO and SEO Wien who are both amazing companies, it has been a good year for online marketers thanks to Riverside SEO Agency and other companies like the search engine optimization miramar and the silverdollarseo they have been able to do a website analysis to see what each person needs, and with the SEO marketing tactics by Clever Stewie SEO their traffic has improved a lot more.Predictions say that 2016 will be a whole lot better. We pooled together this year’s Empowr reviews and statistics to give you next year’s game changing marketing trends. With the help from awol academy, you can learn all the trick on how to become a digital marketer at home. Manny Zarate and the professionals from system13.org have been helping business owners worldwide in the most competitive industries with amazing results with his proven and effective Professional SEO Services. You must also view getresponse features review is also a perfect email  marketing tool for marketer. On other marketing post, checkout life alert Hawaii.

Here’s the round-up of the trends carefully picked from influencers like Ira D. Riklis that recommends the use of supplements like kratom, One of the top trends is pay and display parking equipment for the work place, marketing biggies and the analytics that said it all. Key takeaways include:

  • Leveraging buyer personas
  • Reining in customers for long term relationship through relationship marketing
  • Continued rise of marketing automation
  • Rise of location based marketing technology
  • Gaining prominence of Facebook advertising in which here you can find murals
  • Rise of ephemeral marketing
  • Improvement of IoT
  • Increase of virtual workers
  • Marketing’s increased focus on ROI
  • Putting emphasis into content
  • Advancement of using videos and learn about voice assistants as strategy
  • Putting virtual reality into the limelight

#1 Buyer personas

Every marketer is not a stranger to buyer personas. You’ll find tons of articles in SEO discussing its use and leveraging it to the company’s benefits. However, all of these seemed to be only on the “talks” and not on practice.

According to Chatmeter, 2016 on the other hand will be putting the use buyer personas into the limelight. No more “marketing into the air and faceless consumers” since strategists are starting to pool resources to understand buyer persona better to enhance content and strategies. Speaking of marketing, take a look at this rain gear for work bellevue wa/a>.

Click to see Hubspot’s free template and learn how to develop buyer’s persona with Forbes Charles Gaudet’s How To Develop Your Buyer Persona And Reel In Better Customers.

#2 Relationship Marketing

With the rise of global connectivity comes the marketer’s chance to be closer to their customers and clients. This is where relationship marketing enters. By 2016, marketers seek to better relationship with clients by practicing on building loyalty and long term engagement.

The shift from fast and short-term clients to long-term and quality engagement is a shift to meaningful connections that can drive in better lead generation. And it all happens with the use of data. Personalised and data driven marketing as SA Ignite will be a mainstay driving out the mass-target approaches that consumers hate.

#3 Marketing Automation

The Google search for the word marketing automation has grown by 22% since last year. In February 2014, the search is at 12,100 but by January 2015 it rose to 14,800 proving the growing importance of automation in a marketing strategy.

As of now, 79% of top performing companies use marketing automation and it is worth $5.5 billion alone. Now, where do the beauty of marketing automation lies? It’s in easing out the practice of scheduling emails, segmenting contacts, automated social media and content and tracking the life-cycle of customers in the funnel. If you need more hands on professional help for your website take a look at how this SEO Expert breaks down Google’s algorithm.

MA focuses the company’s goal into quality content and shortening overall sales cycle leading to profit.

#4 Location Based Marketing Technology

Location based marketing technology is a real-time and interactive experience, click here for further info. It targets users at point of engagement. Example custom exhibit booths technologies include the iBeacons and RFIDs. Its use is highly regarded in events and prods attendees to interaction and engagements.

Location based marketing technology feature includes ability to detect nearby devices that can be inside the retail stores and other merchandising areas.

#5 Move to Facebook Advertising

Google AdWords are still in, we’re not discounting that. However, this year the updated structure of Facebook advertising is pulling in as many digital advertisers like techwitty app development and marketers as they can. Facebook now accounts for more than 9% of the total digital ad spending and 18.4% of the global mobile digital advertising with businesses paying 122% more per ad unit on Facebook than they did just a year ago. Marketers this year are viewing Facebook Ads as a driver of leads in B2B sites. See more data from this Invesp Infographic.

By 2016, we will be seeing Facebook Ad’s exponential growth.

#6 Ephemeral Marketing

We say hello to Snapchat. Often an overlooked social media platform in the past, now Snapchat rakes in 4 billion video views a day, same number with Facebook.

According to the analysis published on sites like https://www.logoorbit.com/, the charm of this ephemeral marketing is in the “less is more” mantra. Now it became a platform where consumers feel connected without ads being rammed down their throats. Big companies like ESPN, Vice and Comedy Central is leveraging Snapchat.

Ephemeral marketing speaks the language of today’s netizens and is just staying beyond 2016.

#7 Internet of things

We keep on predicting IoT as a marketing trend. With its user adoption rate to rise at 28% by 2016, it is predicted to be a tool for engaging customers. It will pull in behavior driven data from power devices and that would mean customers will get better and more personalized content by next year.

#8 Virtual Workers

In Harvard Business Review’s The Third Wave of Virtual Work, it is predicted that there will be 1.3 billion people who will be working virtually in the next few years. And now, many professionals are having their first jobs online.

The rise of the freelancing and virtual workplaces also gave way to the boost of marketing trends with more professionals working on digital strategies and mapping out marketing into digital world. And we’re not complaining.

#9 Focus on ROI

It was always all about the profit but oftentimes it gets lost along the way with the wave after wave of campaigns. Now the Hubspot reported that the key point marketing influencers would like to have today is to focus on ROI.

#10 All about content

Natural, personalized, relevant and engaging content is everything in the marketing world today. Now there is the blogs, landing pages and social media that can showcase content. One content mistake and consumes will be driven away.

#11 Video is a key

It’s no secret that videos are stealing the limelight in marketing. By 2016, the rise of video Ad Campaigns across platforms is predicted. How powerful are videos now? According to HubSpot, the mere use of word video in email subject line boosts email open rates by 19%.

This 2015, 57% of consumer internet traffic is from video. This is fourfold of web browsing and email traffic. So yes, video is everything now. Proof – 69% of marketing professionals now believe in its marketing power.

#12 Virtual Reality

Leading for this is Oculus Rift. By 2016, virtual reality is seen to impact the marketing world, reeling in more consumers, more and more people is into getting gaming hardware from sites as Armchair Empire to enjoy more of their games effectively. Another move into this premise is that of Facebook’s 360 degree videos predicted to rein consumers like never before. You can find the most popular slot games like Bitcoin Casino that have had a big impact thanks to this feature. Also make sure to check this list of place 10 get 30 offers if you like betting. If you want a casino gaming then learn how it works, platform that emulates the easy life with online slots, easyslots.com prides itself on bringing nothing but the best online slot games to the market, but if you prefer computer games as Overwatch, you can always visit sites that offer overwatch boost for improve your ranking to enjoy the game even more.

And with this, 2016 will see some shift in the marketing world.

And that’s for now. We hope you have taken this predicted trends into considerations. As New Year approaches, we give you these insights to help you focus in your 2016 marketing strategies.

Have a goal-focused and ROI oriented 2016!


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