Facebook for my Business? Yes!

Facebook is interesting.   It’s growing as an incredible rate worldwide, but many people dismiss it as a resource for businesses, and most people are unaware of exactly what Facebook can do for a business or brand; however many agencies recommend to use Facebook to reach your online audience. I frequently discuss Facebook as an opportuity for small businesses to … Read More

The Amazing Power of Finding your Website!

More and more people are turning to the Internet to find what they’re looking for.  Things may have been easier (as a business) when the options were limited, when you had to choose between how many printed directories to list in, and how big the entries should be.  There are an incredible number of options available for businesses now, and … Read More

Top 10 Online Resources Small Businesses Should Get to Know!

This week, I thought I’d make a list of the ten (or so) online resources I use in my internet marketing business. These resources are the basis of my internet marketing strategies that I use to help small businesses improve their internet profile. Internet Marketing professionals like the ones running Influce Inc, are all about helping you get found on … Read More

Making a Small Business Website without a Web Designer? Sure you can!

While it’s not ideal to muddle your way through basic Web Design in order to begin your internet journey, it’s certianly possible these days.  I’m going to assume that you have some basic proficiency in programs like Microsoft Word, and we’ll proceed on that basis. Federal and real estate the woodlands tx provides for probating of estates to protect all … Read More

Finding a Webhost – What should a business look for?

Once you have a domain name that fits your ideas, it’s critical to find a webhosting solution that works for your business. Webhosting services can be found with a quick Google search, and there are hundreds of providers that you can look through. Many services that provide business internet service may also provide some form of webhosting or offer a bluehost … Read More

10 Ideas and Tips for Choosing a Domain Name

Does your choice domain name for your website matter? You bet it does! Your domain name is your internet address, it’s the place where you’ll be found by your clients and prospects. Here are some tips for choosing your permanent internet address. 1. Domain Extension – If you’re planning to register a domain name, the first domain extension you’d probably … Read More

Does my company need a website?

These days, every company should have a website. A website is many different things, from an extension of sales and marketing, to a customer service tool, to a communication center for your business. It is, comparatively, a very inexpensive method of advertising your products and services. It allows for interaction with clients and potential customers. You can visit the SEO … Read More

Marketing Online for Canadian Businesses, Where to Start?

Marketing has changed dramatically in the past few years, and I keep hearing over and over again that people just don’t know where to start.  I’m sympathetic to the cause, especially given these economic times were in.  Just how can a business fight to survive given all the challenges and obstacles that are in there way? I think it’s important … Read More

Welcome to the OSG Marketing blog.

Online Marketing for Small Business in the GTA Your customers are a definitely online… are you? Let OSG help you define an Internet Marketing Program that can: Generate more sales. Be a cost effective tool that assists in more bottom line profit Communicate more effectively with your customers. Increase the awareness of your brand and your business. Establish yourself as … Read More