How a Mobile App Can Help Your Bottom Line


Still not sure about mobile apps? Here’s a statistic that might interest you. In July 2012, the IBM Retail Online index reported that retailers experienced a 15% growth in sales due solely to mobiles. By focusing their efforts on mobile shoppers, whose numbers are increasing by leaps and bounds, offline businesses are raising their bottom line. And this number is only expected to keep rising.

Mobile marketing is different from marketing to PC users in one crucial way – it’s all about engagement. People don’t just use their mobiles to read and digest content. They use them to do things. Your mobile marketing campaign needs to be as interactive as possible so that your customers are fully engaged, and the way to do this is through apps.

An app is an interactive software program. It offers the user something to do. A few examples include:

  • A game or activity
  • An interactive map
  • Up-to-date weather information
  • A photo editing or sharing program
  • An ordering system where they can order goods directly from you on their phone
  • An inspirational saying of the day or an online journal

How does mobile marketing increase sales? You do it by:

  • Customizing the shopping experience and making it easier to buy from you
  • Branding your business and getting it exposure by offering useful apps that make life easier for your customers
  • Giving customers access to the information they need quickly
  • Saving your human resources by automating the shopping process
  • All of this is done through mobile apps, which are software programs designed to work on mobiles.

It’s easy to have your own app, business of all shapes and sizes do it. We can help you come up with a plan for how you want it to work from your user’s point of view. We’ll take some process related to your business and make it quicker, easier or more fun.

Mobile is becoming increasingly important for offline shopping, so it’s time for your business to cash in. Create an app that helps your customers and you’ll see your sales skyrocket.