Your customers are mobile.  Are you?

mobile1Did you know that there are currently 5 times as many phones in the world than computers, and more local searches now happen on mobile devices than desktop computers? People that use computers are the ones who really need them to work, or the hardcore gamers, who use them to play more advance games as CSGO with the help of some Counter-Strike: Global Offensive boosting they can get online.

What do your customers see when they pull up your website on a smartphone?

Many business websites are built using Flash; others were designed for a big screen.
Some take a while to download; and some just simply don’t work on a mobile device!

It’s a fact – over 82% of websites are not mobile compatible.

Google says that if your mobile website is hard to read, 61% of your audience leaves,
and 40% goes to a competitor that has a good mobile web presence.

Don’t let your competition go mobile before you do.


Go mobile in days with our exclusive offer.


For a limited time, OSG Marketing is offering an exclusive package that includes complete development of your new mobile website.   Best of all – you’ll be live within a week!

  • Elements of your new mobile-optimized website include:
  • Your current brand/logo/colours
  • Restaurant menu(s) module
  • Any current photos/video/media
  • Connecting your social media profiles (Facebook, Twitter, etc.)
  • Easy check-ins on (Foursquare, Facebook Places, Google+, etc.)
  • Links to your reviews (Yelp, Urbanspoon, Chowhound, etc.)
  • Technical setup and creation of
  • Installation of our redirection script on your current website (to automatically point your mobile customers to your new mobile site)
  • We make all changes for you!
  • Includes your first month of hosting!
  • Reduced monthly fee for existing customers!

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