Pay-Per-Click Advertising, Management & Optimization

PPC_CloudIt isn’t about how much you pay ‘per click’.
It’s about maximizing your return on investment.

Measuring your cost per click won’t give you a realistic view of how effectively your marketing dollars are being spent.

Low cost per click is not the same as low overall cost.

That mistake causes many companies to continue to lose money on Pay-Per-Click (PPC) marketing campaigns.

Without utilizing specific analytical ad performance data, these businesses continue to repeat the same mistake over and over.

Effective PPC marketing is all about conversion rates and cost per sale.

OSG Marketing’s PPC marketing services ensure your dollars work smarter for you.

The results of each individual PPC ad and keyword must be measured in order to effectively manage a campaign. Campaigns managed by OSG Marketing remain profitable, with money being spent only where the campaign is delivering sustainable results. Monitoring and measuring both click through and conversion rates leads to increased sales and lower expenses.

Marketing PPC campaigns from are effective, professionally-monitored and produce results.

With an OSG Marketing monitored campaign —

  • Results are continuously monitored.
  • A wide range of wording is tested within ads.
  • Various landing pages are developed and tested.
  • Different ad positioning is tested.
  • Continual adjustments are made in order to maximize the return on your PPC investment.
  • Using real-time data, OSG Marketing advises clients on relevant search engine marketing trends, making recommendations to optimize the site and continually improve results from a PPC investment.