Pay-Per-Click — Free Tips on How to Write the Perfect Campaign

The success of any online venture is largely determined by visibility.  You become visible when your ad shows up alongside search results.  In order for this to happen, web surfers enter keywords or keyword phrases into the search box, and if those words match your own list of preset keywords, which trigger your ad to appear, you pay a certain fee to your host engine each time your ad is clicked.  This is known in the Internet marketing realm as pay-per-click, or PPC.

But keywords alone do not a successful campaign make.  Your ad has to be really eye-catching and attention-grabbing.  It must compel the reader to keep reading, to check out the product or service being advertised, and consequently, to purchase said product or service.  So here are some free tips on how to write the perfect campaign.

Not only should you grab the potential buyer’s attention, but you must hold it as well.  Keep your ad short and simple.  Use catch words like ‘save’, ‘bargain’, ‘free’, ‘exclusive’ and ‘guarantee’.  Other powerful and attractive words you can use are ‘new’, ‘limited’ and ‘proven’.  Keep your customers interested, and deliver on your promises.  Whatever it is you advertise, that’s exactly what they should get—and more.  Don’t just meet expectations, exceed them.  You have to make them want your product.  They have to want to spend money on your product, and they must be prompted to act on their desire by making a purchase.  Otherwise, it isn’t worth much if your customer doesn’t end up buying anything.  The ad campaign didn’t really do its whole job if a sale never takes place.

But if you were to follow these free tips on how to write the perfect campaign, and pair them with your knowledge of PPC and proper keyword research, there’s no reason at all why your ad campaign should fail.

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