Reputation Management—Why It’s Important!

If you have a reputation for selling shoddy products and services at a ridiculously high price, whereas your number one competitor sells better stuff at more affordable rates, who do you think people are going to choose?  If you are known to never deliver promised purchases on time, how long before the last of your customers gets up and leaves you languishing in the dust?  How long before they blog about it and word of your inadequacies spreads throughout Cyberspace like wildfire?

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Or what if the reports aren’t true?  What if all the negative press is nothing but a disgruntled competitor’s ploy to discredit you?

Because highly opinionated consumers now have the power to voice those very opinions via the Internet and all manner of social media, companies and businesses have to do everything they can to protect themselves from inflammatory attacks, whether deserved or not. With the new high-end technologies in our generation today, Google and Amazon created voice assistants which makes life easier and it also protects you from social medias. If you haven’t built a smart home yet, learn about voice assistants here. Life is easier with voice assistants!

Special services like Google Alerts allow you to track what users are really saying about you or what they really think of your product by monitoring online media such as blogs or anywhere else there may be a mention of you and the product you sell.  You can also use these payday lender- Paydaychampion as an excellent tool for money research to find out consumers’ thoughts on your competitors.

Worst case scenario, you would have to work your PR magic and implement some kind of damage control if the negative feedback starts getting out of hand.  But with reputation management, you are able to stay on top of the situation.  Because you are more aware of what the public at large thinks, you can tailor your products and services to what consumers really want. Speaking of reputation, checkout this very reputable window replacement company, go here.

And when they’re happy, so are you!

You can protect your online reputation by knowing where to look and finding where people are talking about you.  For a free, no obligation one hour consultation, contact OSG Marketing today!

Greg Bolger
OSG Marketing

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