Online Reputation Management Services

Online_talking___3People online are talking about your brand. Right now!

Do you know what they are saying?

Is it positive? Is it negative?

OSG Marketing can tell you exactly what is being said about your business online.

Through blog comments, products and service ratings Facebook posts and tweets on Twitter, chances are your business is being talked about online at any time of day or night.

This online ‘chatter’ can enhance or harm the reputation of your business.

Good or bad, you need to know what they are saying about your business.

The ‘good’ can be nicely leveraged and shared with even more of your customers.

The ‘bad’ needs to be investigated with regard to source and authenticity and controlled.

Reputation is a vital criterion for online researchers. How individuals not associated with your company describe your business online is one of the most significant ways in which new business prospects assess you.

OSG Marketing’s reputation management solutions include —

Determining and reporting the current state of client’s online presence.
Systematic monitoring online surveillance to measure mentions of client and spot trouble immediately.
Strategies to defuse and terminate negative situations quickly and effectively.
Utilization of pre-emptive and preventative practices to create goodwill online.
Online reputation management, as performed by OSG Marketing, should be considered standard business practice for all online marketers.