Website Analytics & Tracking Services

googleanalyticsqualified“If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it.” Peter Drucker

OSG Marketing has achieved Google Analytics Qualified status, assuring clients of our commitment to the highest standard of analytics implementation.

Only through tracking and analysis can you clearly see where your business is going and what next steps are needed for continued growth.

OSG Marketing’s website analytics services include:

  • Visitor behavior
  • Which search engines your visitors are using?
  • What keywords resulted in clicks?
  • How did visitors navigate through the site?
  • What action was taken by visitors to the site?
  • Analytical Measurements
  • Visits (the number of visits to the website over a specified timeframe)
  • Page Views (the total number of page views from visits)
  • Pages/Visit (the average number of pages viewed per visit)
  • Bounce Rate (the number of people that leave on the first page)
  • Average Time (the average amount of time a user spent on your website)
  • Unique Visits (the number of unduplicated visitors over a specified timeframe)

Google_AnalyticsTraffic Source Analysis

  • Search Engine (site designed to list sites for relevance)
  • Direct Traffic (based on URL entered into the address bar)
  • Referring Sites (sites that link to you through ‘back links’)
  • Geographic Sources (location of individual inquiries)

In addition to the above, OSG Marketing clients receive a detailed analysis of all marketing initiatives including Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaigns, direct email response rates and affiliate marketing programs.

Meaningful website analytics by OSG Marketing, and the significant trend information that emerges from this, provides clients with a blueprint for continued success in the development of their online business.